Mental Health and Wellbeing: An Experience

A workspace in most places is just a place to work, initiate and integrate technical ideas. But how does it really work? It’s the people, practices and culture that make the space whole and worthy to be a part of. 

Here, at Authentic Living, we understand the significance of mental and emotional wellbeing at the workplace and beyond. We have often seen mental health defined as a concept, and perhaps that's why it feels so distant. But in reality, it's an experience. To help you get to know us better, we’ve put together some views shared by our team based on their understanding and experiences with mental health and wellbeing.

We asked them about the most striking element of mental health that has stood out for them.The team collectively highlighted the difficulties that come with being aware about this dynamic process: 

“Approaching mental health is about making the invisible visible”, says Shilpa, Founder of Authentic Living. “As an experience it is so nuanced and subjective, it is very critical and complementary to physical well being. More than happiness, it is about bringing balance and resourcefulness towards our journey. Integrating mental health and wellbeing practices is a constant back and forth process between learning and unlearning, which can be overwhelming at times but eventually provides tools to cope in healthier ways, creating a safe and grounded space.”

"Mental health is so natural but we have made it unnatural", says Harsha. “There is a pervasive presence of the mind in all experiences. Though it may be difficult to acknowledge because of the subjectivity of experiences, it’s definitely impossible to be discounted or ignored without consequences. Taking care of mental health makes me resourceful in managing life and builds awareness about myself, leaving a sense of empowerment."

Ashwini calls it a “Dynamic Process’ which is ever changing, so it’s really difficult to catch up intellectually.” She thinks what helps is steering away from the rush of fixing things and to sit with the not so OK emotions. This approach will help sustain the continuum that the journey of mental health is. She says she is able to be more assertive and secure in her authentic self. 

“Mental health is very similar to physical health for me”, says Archana. “Like we constantly attempt to maintain an optimal functionality, the same should be our approach to mental health. It's like a regulator or dial that we keep working with, when there are challenging situations that take away from our functionality. Building awareness of how we are feeling and how we can regulate our feelings can help us keep track of our mental health, which can be otherwise neglected.” Archana believes this has helped her understand her boundaries with stressors, so she could mark a threshold to pause and avoid burnout.

It is about mindful acknowledgement and awareness of one's own emotions for Nayana. She says, “when we are in touch with our authentic self, we are better equipped to be there for others as well.” Exploring herself gave her the insight and patience to understand another person's point of view, thus helping her navigate her relationships and social interactions.

Nimisha adds, “Mental Health is integral in figuring out our equation with the world - how will I behave? How do I relate to others? How do I relate to myself?  It is the basis of the foundation I operate from at different stages of life. It includes emotional, psychological and social well being. I feel as I take care of my mental health, I feel more patient, active at work and there is more clarity in decision making.

“Mental Health is like a blueprint of identity, which is unique for every individual” says Anshul. “The design of the world forces us to get lost in creating a standard uniform exterior which is perceived as the idea of success. This pressure steers us away from our unique design." The process of therapy and self-work helps her get more in touch with the blueprint and be more herself. The growth can be exponential and effortless if we build up in accordance with our basic design with self compassion.

At Authentic Living we come together with this mindfulness around our own journeys and that of everyone else's, creating a compassionate work culture. Our goal is to understand the design of mental health from a lived experience perspective, which is unique and subjective. 

Though it may be difficult to cater to every individual's narrative, we diligently work each day to create psychological safety by honouring and accepting each other's journey and mindful interactions. We believe that energetic alignment, better relationships and collective ownership can be established if every one at work has the freedom and safety to be their authentic selves. 


Written by Anshul Jhambani, our in-house Integrated Hypnotherapist and  energy healer

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