Anshul Jhambani

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist | 4 years
Self-concept Building Social Justice Emotional Regulation Relationship Management Anxiety Trauma Healing
INR 4,000
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Anshul is a Trauma informed, Queer & Kink Affirmative mental health practitioner, trained clinical hypnotherapist, Intergenerational trauma healer, life skills and personal safety facilitator, Reiki Master, artist, dancer, theatre actor and facilitator.

Anshul uses techniques of Hypnotherapy, Belief system reorientation, Chakra Healing, Energy Healing, EFT, Breathwork, Dream Therapy, Theatre based tools and Reiki in her work. She collaborates with clients to successfully help them through and out of emotional, physical, spiritual, and relationship concerns very successfully. Anshul has a diploma in Life Skills, Sexuality and Personal Safety Education, as well as a Certificate in Therapeutic Art Life Coach and as a Family Trauma Professional (CFTP). Her body of work includes Working with Tranzheal Wellness and Life Sutras as a clinical hypnotherapist. She works as an actor and trainer with 'The Actors Collective' practicing Playback Theatre, Forum Theatre, Body Theatre and Proscenium Theatre.

In her sessions, she prioritizes bringing awareness of the influence of various systems (social, familial, institutional,etc, ie the individuals experience of intersectionality) on the clients choices thus empowering them to make conscious and deliberate decisions.

What to expect in therapy with Anshul?

To begin with a lot of unconditional positive regard for the client. A safe space to voice all perspectives without judgement. An experience of alignment between parts of the client that seem to be in disagreement. An opportunity to find integrity in personality and holistic healing.

What is Anshul’s approach in therapy?

Anshul believes the client never comes alone in therapy, they bring their whole system along. She identifies the impact of this relationality on the client and focuses to work on the concerns to uphold and sustain it. The focus is to empower the client and make them feel safe. Anshul integrates person centered affirmative lens to break out of socialized limiting beliefs.

* A package can be availed for 4 months ie. 16 sessions at INR 60,000

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