Archana Dinesh

Licensed Clinical Psychologist | 6+ years
Mood disorder Depression Anxiety Social Anxiety Personality Complexities OCD Adult ADHD Substance Abuse
INR. 2,000.00
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About Archana:

Archana is a licensed clinical psychologist and psychotherapist who is committed to helping individuals navigate life's challenges and achieve personal growth. She holds an M. Phil Degree in Clinical Psychology and is licensed by the Rehabilitation Council of India. Her experience in the field involves providing evidence-based interventions to clients with depression, anxiety, panic disorder, social anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorders, substance abuse, mood disorders, grief, illness anxiety, somatoform disorders, personality complexities, eating disorders, body-image issues, relationship issues, adjustment difficulties, low self-esteem, and other psychological concerns.

She is trained in Schema Therapy by the International Society of Schema Therapy and is currently undergoing individual supervision.

What to expect in therapy with Archana?

Archana firmly believes that therapy is a collaborative process. She views her clients as active participants in their own healing journey and empowers them to take ownership of their well-being. By fostering a strong therapeutic alliance, she creates a nurturing environment where clients can safely explore their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors in their own pace. She incorporates experiential techniques, visualization exercises and other emotion-focused interventions to explore the root cause of emotional distress and to facilitate healing and growth.

What is Archana's approach in therapy?

Archana adopts a holistic approach to therapy, tailoring her treatment plans to meet each client's unique needs. She uses principles of cognitive behavioural therapy, schema therapy, emotion focused therapy, mindfulness-based therapies, interpersonal therapy, and other evidence-based practices. She is adept at various psychological assessments and providing accurate diagnoses.

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